9 Reasons to get Low-Level Laser Therapy

9 Reasons to get Low-Level Laser Therapy

Every tissue in your body is made up of individual cells whether it be muscle, organ, bone, nerve, or connective tissue. Each of these cells functions at a normal, specific frequency and communicates with its neighbouring cells. These cells can change frequency when exposed to emotional and physical stresses, chemical toxins, surgeries, and injuries. During this process cells stop send messages to neighbouring cells and communication between your brain and the cells is interrupted. Using Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) will help to activate the communication between the brain and the damaged cells. Thus, restoring the optimal performance of each cell.

Here at HealthWorks Clinic, we utilise LLLT to help speed up the effectiveness of your treatment sessions. The equipment we use is the Erchonia PL 5000, a lightweight, portable, low-level laser that is used to inhibit or stimulate cellular functions. This is the same equipment used by many professional sports teams all over the world. This unit provides a low-frequency bandwidth that specifically ranges in between 630-640 nanometres and power delivery of less than one milliwatt, which is optimal for healing. Depending on the purpose of the treatment, your clinician will program the laser to help to treat different musculoskeletal or health conditions:

· 1. Pain relief– can be decreased by up to 59%

· 2. Increases Range of Motion– helpful to prevent progressive, degenerative joint and disc disease.

· 3. Strengthens – increases lymphocyte activity, which helps boost your immune system.

· 4. Speeds up healing and recovery time by 30-50%

· 5. Helps to regenerate some damaged nerve tissue.

· 6. Releases restrictions found in the connective tissue.

· 7. Restores muscle strength.

· 8. Increases ATP production – ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a form of chemical energy.

· 9. Decreases excess fluid trapped in the tissue (Oedema) and Inflammation.

The Low-Level Laser equipment emits a visible, red coloured, light that stimulates the body’s ability to produce ATP, speeding up recovery and allowing natural healing of the body. This process promotes the reduction of pain and inflammation, allowing the natural range of motion of the joints to return as well as restoring optimal function of cellular physiology on a more permanent basis.

In one double-blind study carried out in the United States, for the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), it was documented that the Erchonia Laser decreased pain by an average of 59% while simultaneously increasing the overall range of motion.

Therapeutic results have demonstrated that the Erchonia LLLT was between 6-14% more efficient than many of its competitors when used for wound healing. Some additional and unique findings of the Erchonia Laser show proliferation of collagen-producing fibroblasts and keratinocytes, which help form a protective barrier in wounds, as well as increasing the circulation within the skin. Not only does this help by accelerating the normal would healing process but has also by diminishing the formation of scar tissue.

Dramatic results have also been demonstrated when LLLT is used on damaged peripheral nerves (Peripheral Neuropathy) following injury. This has been documented on both intact nerve as well as more severely damaged or even severed nerves.

In all, Low-Level Laser Therapy is an immensely powerful healing tool that when used correctly by your clinician, can result in almost miraculous changes to increase the benefits of your treatment, even in cases previously thought to be beyond help. It is the perfect complement to your spinal manipulative therapy to enable your body to restore its natural state of balance and health.

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