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About Us

Consulted By Experienced Clinicians

Healthworks Clinic opened in January 2014. We are a patient-centred health practice located in Grangemouth.
You can arrive relaxed in the knowledge that your clinician is fully trained and qualified in their respective field. We will take time to discuss your health concerns and arrive at a solution tailored exclusively to you. Your comfort and safety come first. 
We take pride in providing you and your family with the finest, professional and caring treatment.

Your wellbeing is our priority.

Why Choose Us?

We Care About Your Health

All HealthWorks Clinicians take pride in looking after you. We provide you with the best quality treatment and make you feel unique.

We Listen To You

We’ll take time to sit down and discuss your individual case. Our examination techniques are thorough and specific.
After arriving at a diagnosis we will discuss all your treatment options. This usually includes exercises or suggested lifestyle changes to speed up recovery. Our advice will help minimise the chances of reoccurrence.

Relaxed Atmosphere

At HealthWorks Clinic our relaxed, friendly atmosphere is designed to put you at ease.

First-Rate Health Advice

All our clinicians are highly trained in their respective fields. We regularly undertake training and any advice you are given is based on up to date clinical evidence as well as years of experience.

Our Professionals

Dr Andrew Robertson

(BM, MChiro) Musculoskeletal Consultant, Lifestyle Medicine & Health Coach

Mr Brian Laing

Sports, Remedial & Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Re-education & Rehabilitation

Ms Louise Strathie

Sports, Remedial & Swedish Massage Hot-Stone Therapist
Bamboo Massage